National CWV Event Calendar

The National Event Calendar is meant to be an interactive resource. Each day on our calendar will have the following items listed:

  • the Rosary Mystery of the Day
  • Church Feasts, Solemnities, and Holy Days
  • Public Holidays
  • National CWV Events
  • The Cash Calendar winning number

If your Post, Chapter or Department would like to have an event listed on this calendar, use the Contact Us page and send an email with all the details – who, what, where, when, etc. 

Click HERE for all the details about the Cash Calendar. Calendar sales are now closed. All 3,000 numbers will be entered into the daily raffle. ALL unsold calendars and associated numbers are now property of the National HQ. 

The CWV Cash Calendar winning numbers will be updated every Sunday for the previous week. Winning numbers will be at the top of each day. Check last month’s winners by clicking on the month & arrow at the top left of the calendar.

You can view a monthly list of 2019 Cash Calendar Winners by clicking HERE. When page loads, pick month from column on left.

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