CWV & Auxiliary Fundraisers


This page lists all the ways you can help to support the Catholic War Veterans and the Auxiliary – from National Department fundraisers to local Post events in your area – raffles, dinners, and many other fun fundraising items!  Click on an icon or a link to see details for any of these that catch your fancy!

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 Time is running out for you to sign up for –


Our newest fundraiser! By responding to and taking part in this, you will help to secure the financial future of the Catholic War Veterans.

The premise behind the Sustainment Incentive Program…

Help provide the Catholic War Veterans with a consistent income and continue our Programs and take care of veterans well into the future. Make a recurring monthly or annual donation at one of the amounts below, and you will be entered into one, several, or ALL of our National fundraisers AND have the National portion of your dues paid every year!

If you sign up after November 1, 2017, you will receive all the Incentive Items that are still due to come out for the remainder of this membership year! Each item will be mailed to you and you will receive an email notice (if you listed your email on the Response Form).

NOTE: NEW participants for the 2017-18 year ONLY – your dues for this year MUST be paid to take part. Beginning with the 2018-19 year, the National portion – $20.00 – of your Post dues will be automatically paid!

NOTE: for returning 2016-17 participants ONLY – Annual Renewal members: your dues for the 2018-19 year have been paid. The incentives for the 2018-19 year for these members and the extras for Life Members will start coming if you sign up to continue being a CWV-SIP (Appeal) donor.  


Sound like something you’d like to take part in? Click the icon above to print out the National Appeal letter and response sheet. Fill it out, save it, print a copy to mail to National Headquarters.

INCENTIVE ITEMS – need additional items?

To print out additional 50/50 ticket sheets – click HERE

To order additional CWV Cash Calendars – click HERE

To print additional Veterans Day Raffle tickets – click HERE

To order additional CWVA Lotto Raffle tickets – click HERE

  National Catholic War Veterans Cash Calendar
National CWV Auxiliary Lotto Raffle

National CWV Raffles
  • Veterans Day Raffle – Winners will be at the Fall National Board Meeting – November 9 & 10

Department Fundraisers

Post and Unit Fundraisers