DOCUMENT LIBRARY – Everything CWV & Auxiliary

Below are items that can be useful to you as a member or an Officer of the Catholic War Veterans and the Auxiliary. These are in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader to open these files and to preserve the ability to fill in and save any forms that you type information into. The use of a different PDF Reader may remove the ability to save your typed information. Click the image below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Membership Applications:

  • Catholic War Veterans & Auxiliary Membership Application – click HERE
  • CWV Life Membership Application –  click HERE
  • Auxiliary Life Membership Application – click HERE

Officer’s Programs:

Each National Officer, Catholic War Veterans or CWV Auxiliary, has a Program for the membership and a dedicated page on this site.  On each of these pages you will find:

  1. The CWV Officers Manual description of duties
  2. The CWV & AUX Programs for the current membership year (Oct 1 – Sept 30)
  3. The semi-annual Report form that CWV and AUX Officers  are to submit to all higher Echelon Officers.

Click HERE to go to the main Programs page

Officer Activity Report Forms are commonly used items. For your convenience, these forms can be accessed by clicking on the icon below for the Report form you need.


Officers Manuals: Descriptions of duties and responsibilities of each Officer position.

  • Entire Catholic War Veterans Officer’s Manual – click HERE
  • CWV Officers Manual by position – can be found on each Officer’s Program page
  • Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary Officer’s Manual – click HERE

Ritual of The Catholic War Veterans (2015 Edition) 

  • Podium Edition – contains ALL the Ritual and Ceremonies of the CWV. Order through the store.
  • Pocket Edition – contains the most commonly used Ritual & Ceremonies. Can be ordered through the store. 

    Ritual Podium Edition   —     Ritual Pocket Edition

Commonly Used CWV Ritual & Ceremonies

Opening and Closing CeremoniesInduction of New Members: Short FormInduction of New Members: Long FormInstallation of Officers: Short FormInstallation of Officers: Long Form — Funeral Home Service

Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary Ritual – includes wear of the Uniform for both male and female Auxiliary members – click HERE

National Constitution & By- Laws:
  • Catholic War Veterans (Revised Aug 2018) – click HERE
  • Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary (Revised Aug 2018) -click HERE
National Awards
  •  CWV – The Honor Legion of the Order of St. Sebastian Award – Requirements and Application – click HERE
  • CWV Auxiliary – The Honor Legion of the Order of St. Agnes Award – Requirements and Application – click HERE
  • CWV Auxiliary – Outstanding Service Award – click HERE

Catholic War Veterans National Uniform Regulation (2009)
  • Wear of the CWV Uniform – authorized accouterments, placement of patches, pins, etc. Click HERE

Admin Forms for Post, Unit, Chapter, and Department to notify higher Echelons:
  • Deceased Member Notification – send to all higher Echelons when a member passes away. Fill this out prior to updating your database. Click HERE
  • Officer Election Report -fill in and send to all higher Echelons as soon as possible after the election of new Officers. Click HERE
  • PDF Membership Transmital – fill-in PDF “old style”  Transmittal Form. Use of this form is not recommended, but can be used instead of electronic database version. Members MUST be listed in alphabetical order and each page has to have a Report and Page number filled in. Click HERE

Organizational Registration Items
  • Catholic War Veterans Federal Charter (1984) – click HERE
  • IRS Non-Profit Determination Letter (1972) – click HERE
  • CWV Celtic Cross Trademark Information (2014)
  • CWV Auxiliary Cross Trademark Information (2014