Managing Your Database

All Department and Post websites have been rebuilt. Post and Unit websites were rebuilt to only be used as an “admin site”. It can be used only for updating the database – add new members, change addresses, etc.

Post or Unit Database Administrators must have their Department or Regional Administrators grant them access to your unit site. Access must be granted before you can update your database information or print reports. Questions? Call your Department or Regional Administrator – the National Office can give you the name, email and phone number of the Administrator for your Post or Department.

Locate your CWV website: (use the following web address)  (replace the X’s with your Post number)

Locate your Auxiliary Department website: (use the following web address)  (replace the X’s with the 2 letter abbreviation of your state)

NOTE – The instructions below were made with the old form of Post or Unit websites. The links below are not currently active. These are being updated and should be linked soon.

  1. Register as a User and Log In
  2. Update Post Info and Officers
  3. Add a New Member
  4. Update Dues Payments & Transmittals
  5. Marking Deceased & Delinquent Members
  6. Printing Membership Cards

The country has been divided into four regions – NE, SE, NW, SW – each with a Website Point of Contact (POC) that can assist if you have further questions about anything on your website. Click HERE to go to the Contact Us to send an email. List your name, and email, and “Website Help” in the Subject area. Please include a phone number in your message and you will be contacted by your Regional POC as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of individual Posts and Units to maintain their membership database. Below are printable PDF instruction pamphlets on how to use the most common functions. Maintaining your database saves time and money for ALL Echelons of the CWV & Auxiliary – from your local Post and Unit to the National Department.